TIL there is a proposed standard for something called "jCard"

jCard is the JSON version of vCard. With the usage of JSON pretty much everywhere now, I'm surprised jCard hasn't been widely adopted yet.

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@joe very interesting. Is this what y’all are using at Fastmail along with JMAP?

I found jCard because I was trying to figure out if vCard supported custom fields. That led me down the rabbit hole of vendors submitting custom fields to IETF.

I’m primarily trying to see if I can include tags and groups in vCards that could be imported by Apple’s Contacts app. So far, that answer appears to be, “no.”

And all of this is related my project here:

@henshaw Yep, with a slight asterisk. 😁

jscontact allows you to do some things that we don't implement, but we do use jscontact and JMAP for Contacts (

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