Nightmare fuel

A giant squid shows a little too much interest in a paddleboarder. I would not have handled this well.

In Istanbul, Turkey, they made a statue in honor of the famous stray cat,Tombili, who sat in this position and watched people as they passed by.

3** should be more like "Go somewhere else" but I'll accept it.

As I did with Meta (Deleting my Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger accounts), it's time to prepare for a future without Twitter, and one where I own and control my social presence.

I started changing out my profile link with my @Mastodon profile link on the byline of my articles. I already feel better.

This is not a post about success or bootstrapping. It’s a post about anti-stagnation and making the choice to pave your own path, whatever that may be.

I love every project that the artist Dries Depoorter does.

This project is called Border Birds. It’s a series of photos of birds crossing borders captured with the help of open cameras and AI.

This was achieved by creating software that detects birds on footage captured by open surveillance cameras placed at boundary lines. The software used artificial intelligence running on a 24/7 server between the dates of March 10th and April 10th, 2022.

And it's super easy to do. Just copy and paste the profile URL, search it in @Mastodon, and then follow the @pixelfed profile. πŸ’₯

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My favorite new thing on @Mastodon is following @pixelfed accounts. It uses one of the best features of ActivityPub and enhances my feed with awesome pics.

I made this lentil loaf tonight and it was incredibly delicious and super healthy. The rest of my meat-eating family loved it.

Quick Fix is an interactive installation from Dries Depoorter. The artwork makes it possible to buy followers or likes in just a few seconds. For a few euros you already have 200 of likes on Instagram.

Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3B+, Arduino , power supplies, coin acceptor, buttons, LCD (I2C).

Software: python 3, Firebase Cloud Firestore database.

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