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Evolution of news media:

- Make it 24/7
- Make it entertaining and opinionated
- Display so many ads you can’t read the article
- Add and auto play videos unrelated to the story
- Block them if they use an ad-blocker
- Paywall it
- Tell them what to buy for the affiliate revenue

My cats are vicarious stress relievers and are constantly showing me how to live my best life

any day of the week

TIL there is a proposed standard for something called "jCard"

jCard is the JSON version of vCard. With the usage of JSON pretty much everywhere now, I'm surprised jCard hasn't been widely adopted yet.

A friend just shared this with me. Neutral Good all the way.

Dentist: "Do you floss daily?"
Me: "Do you backup your data daily?"

It's time to make your brain 🤯

Stare at the green dot in the center and one or more of the yellow outer dots will disappear. Except the yellow dots didn't go away. It's your 🧠 playing tricks on you.

More details here:

Future thought:

Creating unbiased AI that fact checks politicians in real-time. Something that keeps it simple.

True, False, or Misleading with a brief synopsis (like what human post analysis does now)

It creates a code to use on an app that will provide the primary references used in its analyses.

Future thought because I doubt we’re close to creating an accurate AI that’s without hidden bias and is ethically sound. And like Level 5 autonomous driving, to be trusted, it can’t be wrong.

Nightmare fuel

A giant squid shows a little too much interest in a paddleboarder. I would not have handled this well.

The devtools will soon be available to everyone, without registration!

Along with a fresh coat of paint, more data/stats and an extensive public api, #fediDB will help #activityPub developers diagnose issues and test compatibility with a suite of developer tools 🚀

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